Vanilla Cake…. Yes, please!


Ok, Idk about you guys but I love a good dessert. Due to some dietary restrictions right now (Basically Paleo/Whole 30- Including no dairy, no soy, no sugar, no potatoes) there aren’t many options out there for me. Fat bombs have been my go-to…This falls in line and is pretty close to one. In one of our recent weekly trips to Whole Foods, I saw the new RX Nut Butters and decided to take a peek at the ingredients and see if it would be in my wheel house. Sure enough, it was!! There is a 1/2 date in there, so technically there is some sugar, but not much and it’s more natural than a processed sugar.. Ok, maybe I’m pushing my no processed food a little bit but a girls got to live a little…

Back to this deliciousness… this Vanilla Almond Butter will remind you of a smooth creamy slice of vanilla cake. My packet was a little warm from being the the car most of the day. It made it’s way on a road trip with us and by the time I remembered I had it in the car, most of the day had gone by. Lucky for me, this didn’t hinder the taste and removed the need to squeeze and soften the almond butter. At first taste, I knew this was something I was definitely going to be hooked on. The only way to truly describe it is as a delicious moist piece of vanilla cake. The kind of cake that you actually want to go back for second and don’t need to feel guilty for! Try it out and let me know what you guys think! (Remember vanilla cake when you try it!)

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