The new Nike Metcon1, ladies I’m feeling a little discriminated against…

Isn’t she a beauty?? Well for a boy… The new Nike Metcon1 (crossfit/training) shoe was released January 31st and sold out within 10 minutes. The shoe is designed to for optimal “lift, jump, climb and run,” and has been showcased with the 2015 crossfit open winner Mathew Fraser as the spokesman/model. Did I mentioned that these were a boys shoe? I mean, released only in a men’s shoe design/color/size… I have to be honest, I’m feeling a little discriminated against. In an niche such as Crossfit that has seen continued exponential growth year over year, with numbers in 2015 such as 12,000 affiliate boxes (gym’s), 273,000 people signing up for the Crossfit Open, 246,000 people completing the first workout (numbers drop by approximately 10% per work) 2015 crossfit open, and over 99,000 women completing 15.1. I would’ve love to see something for women from Nike. The Nike Metcon1 is set to be back in stock April 2nd, 2015 which I’m guessing after hearing the buzz of the shoe, will be sold out quickly. Now, if we could just get some girl sizes and colors we could be sold out quickly- Just do it, Nike!!


** Please note these numbers aren’t official until the validation is complete but was taken directly from the CF games website)

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